6. Wife

In relation with women and with a future wife, I must say that I was already married for 15 years, but as I wanted to have children, and I stated that from the beginning, I decided to end up as friends with my former wife. But then, gossip of persons that I wanted to have as advisors or counselors or confidents ended up with her cutting me of her list of Facebook friends. But, before her deleting me, she prayed for my future wife, and even gave me wise advice, because the first one that I contacted through eHarmony... did not work. So, my current relation, as I like to have a constant communication with the one I think can be THE ONE, is one amazing lady that wants to pursue her career and I want to help her as she wants to help me too; so, this time I pray: God, guide our lives into your bright path in the name of Christ. Fernando Castro-Chavez.

The song that I want to use here, to tone-in this space where I wish to honor the woman that God will give me, is the next one (and I wish that with the same "ease" God will put by my side, by me, the one that will be...):


Date of this information: March of 2020

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