Anticovidian v.2 COVID-19: Hypothesis of the Lab Origin Versus a Zoonotic Event which can also be of a Lab Origin:

10. Memories

We are made out of memories, of what we remember and how we can apply it day after day... As we are growing older, we are filled with those memories, and some of them need to be kept for our future generations somewhere, somehow: either in books, photos, film..., and now: through the invisible wires that at the speed of light are able to transmit electronically all the above and more... Here, I leave a space where I could link significant remembrances worth keeping. Fernando Castro-Chavez.

I am in the Times Square of New York on the 10th of February of 2020, the photo was taken by The One I want to be my companion; at that time I was weighting some 60 Kilograms, out of my thinking only about her, our trip was just one month before that terrible COVID-19 attack devastated that city.

But, of the best memories that make me jump of joy, are the ones of my old cassettes, where I found this gem, composed by me and with music by my sister Aída, at the guitar: "Yo soñaba" (1982, in Spanish, from the series of re-discovered tapes put at my catadoresdelapalabra1 "YouTube" under the group of "Radio Tragedia":, in Spanish):

This one is from another old cassette with me putting in it the background music (I hope you like it as myself):, also in Spanish; and below, you can see the actual and excellent translation of this "Elegy of Gray", by Enrique de Vedia, on the XIX century as we learn here):

And, here is a childhood program (its excerpts), that got me into the study of biology, the research of Ivan Marx about Bigfoot:

Then, my current research in Spanish regarding "The goatsucker", with my conclusions that they are canines rigorously trained to kill goats and chickens while at the same time evading humans, and with a surgery for them not to bark, deliberately released simultaneously in several places of Mexico at the same time in 1996 (and yes, for many these topics start as the name chosen by YouTube for this video: "NUt", jejee):

The ambience music of this page, as well as all the previous ones is by Ezequiel Albatros, from 1985, at Guadalajara, MX; here, up the tubes of the memories, their amazing rendition of "Pipeline"! (Which I saved, and needed to produce another website to the effect at Mrs. "Yola", I hope you like it):

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