Anticovidian v.2 COVID-19: Hypothesis of the Lab Origin Versus a Zoonotic Event which can also be of a Lab Origin:


We all live to be loved and to love, to have a purpose in life and to pursue it. The first and best love that we receive in life is or ought to be that of our mother, and then our father; then, we learn that we also have the love of God, which is a love even most intense and permanent. In my personal life, I think that forgiveness needs to be first, then the understanding to keep a clear communication, as long as the other person wishes to do so; respecting ever her free will, as a real love is ever better than a forced one. Once you speak out your mind, you have done half of the efforts, but the rest is in the hands of the person that you want to love. In my current case, wishing it to be the final, a woman who loves God... but God's will, will ever be first. Fernando Castro-Chavez.

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