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4. Literature

Literature is my most recent endeavor, even when I have been writing daily, as almost all of us do, to write in a way that could be able to entice, to inspire, to excite, to make you dream, to go to places, to open your understanding to better things, to justice, to compassion, to love… so, I went back to the place of birth of my best writer and teacher that I had as a child, and embedded by the environment and memories and works of such writer: Juan José Arreola, I wrote a book with his advice for us to be better readers, writers, and teachers, being such book “Arreolanza”, then I wrote two novels, and remembered the poetry that I used to write since my early days (and all of this was and has been done in Spanish, so my wishes are to write those same things into English as well, time willing...). Fernando Castro-Chavez.

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