5. Justice

Anticovidian v.2 COVID-19: Hypothesis of the Lab Origin Versus a Zoonotic Event which can also be of a Lab Origin: https://zenodo.org/record/3988139

Honest and loving researchers want things to be transparent and clear, to live peacefully in the pursuit of our researches, aspirations, families, etc. And, under those conditions of peace: What could be better than to gather together in families to glorify God, to be embraced by Him, and also to learn directly from Him, but also to bless spiritually, and as God guides us: To bless in general the rest of the family? Fernando Castro-Chavez.

You can also hear here (and see) my most recent lectures in Spanish, those that claim for the real justice to happen (if not over this earth, at least in the one to come!):




So today:


As Yes!-Ter-Day:


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDtbJY1C0tA (and here, starting at 2:12)

And, of course, we have today the big concern to pray for the real freedom, justice and prosperity for our dear nation of Venezuela, and most specially its born-again ones!:


Here is the awesome interview that I saved directly from my TV, the speech of: "Fabiana Rosales de Guaidó habla con Fernando del Rincón en "Conclusiones" de CNN":


And here is my first approach to the pandemic of the COVID-19, by critically analyzing three articles (check them linked in the information of the video, please):


Y, aquí está mi versión en español de esta, mi primera aproximación a la pandemia del COVID-19, mediante el analizar críticamente artículos (verlos anexados en la información del video, por favor):


And here, you can hear the ambience that I decided to set for this lil'-big page (directly from my good ol' delights of 1985. Note: however, I just noticed that sometimes it's needed to hit again the address once it appears in your browser, as per a current deficiency in the "Archive.org", where I have personally saved these musical mp3 files, and where it says sometimes after hitting a saved page there, erroneously, something like: "Bad Gateway" at the top of the page):


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