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2. Bible

Since I was a child I have been interested in God and in His things, so I found that an initial point of contact with Him, with the purpose of knowing Him better, is the Bible; but then, we discover that in the real life, a constant relation and communication with God is necessary in order to keep the sanity of our brain, and to know which ones will be the better decisions to take, as with humility we directly ask Him, expecting Him as our loving Father to respond to us. So, I became aware that the perfect prayer is the speaking in tongues, integrating phonemes inside me, or even pronouncing them with my mouth, if I wish, with no connection with my pattern of thinking, thank God! But this is only fifty percent of my prayer life, the other half is to pray with my understanding, to consciously ask God for answers, for advice, for help! [So, in its first instance, this page will be one to post links of things that I have already done regarding this endless topic, and then, of other things related that I may like...] Fernando Castro-Chavez.

My biblical earlier works are distributed within these places:

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The "atmosphere" ("atmospheric" music like a good dew from our God: "Athmos-NO-fear", to counter some title of an almost New Ager of the Old World) for this biblical ("bĂ­blica") page, is the next one:

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